The rise of the first prototype!

A project log for magbox the modular storage system

A modular storage solution consisting of multiple boxes with one drawer each. Automatically aligns when stacked because of a magnets!

ysteinØystein 09/20/2017 at 18:300 Comments

The rise of the first prototype (of the planet of the apes) or something dramatic like that. That's my dramatic title for this project log. A good dose of drama is healthy they say. So a dramatic title it is. I have prepared my 3d model for routing on the CNC machine. With help from a fusion 360 expert at Bitraf I successfully made my first cut out of the magbox prototype.

The CNC job consists of three parts: drill job (making holes for screws so the material is properly fastened to the machine), Pocket job (making holes for the magnets, and edge job (cutting the contours of the plates). There is also a spindle warmup routine that must be done before these three jobs. This is to warm up the spindle so the balls in the ball bearing expand making the spindle precise.

All parts cut out! They are attached with small tabs evenly spaced along the edges. I use a chisel to separate them from the material.