• v2.0 on the way

    Pero01/07/2018 at 13:32 0 comments

    There were some issues with the tested version 1.0. It seems that desire to go cheap backslashed at me. I hoped I'll be able to go with 2-layered board with this oscillator. But unfortunatelly, it didn't work as planned. There was long return trace due to the ground plane not being even on any of two layers. 

    Microwavino v2.0 consists of 4 layers what should eliminate these issues and make everything work as in my project microwave transmitter.

  • First Microwavino has been born!

    Pero10/11/2017 at 19:32 1 comment

    Boards from OSH Park have finally arrived, as well as stencil from OSH Stencil and components from RS components. This meant only one thing: SMDs, assemble!

    It took me 5 hours to manually assemble and reflow these two Microwavinos.

    The results were not really fascinating, some rework had to be done. It was mostly 0402 components that were soldered to the ground plane on one side. Surprisingly, those 44 pin QFNs got soldered flawlessly. 

  • Ordered RSSI detector board

    Pero09/29/2017 at 07:37 0 comments

    While waiting for PCBs to arrive, I've designed another board in Microwavino family - coupler with RSSI detectors. The idea behind is to have input and output coupled to the RSSI detectors to measure transmitted and reflected power. Together with Microwavino Synthesizer board, this can be used to make a scalar network analyzer. 

  • Released and ordered

    Pero09/12/2017 at 08:22 0 comments

    Today I finished project design and sent everything to fabrication. I ordered PCBs from OSH Park (5$) and kepton stencils from OSH Stencils (8.45$ with shipping). I expect to get everything ready for assembly in next 20 days. Till then, over and out!