EventBot lets you share and view photos in real-time at events.

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Have you been to an event lately and tried to share photos? A wedding, birthday party, or company event where everyone is taking photos with their phones, but don't have a great way to share without having to sign-up for the same service or make all your photos public on social media. We wanted to make a system that is open source and controllable by you. So we created EventBot.

EventBot allows everyone to share photos at an event, see photos in real-time and download in bulk without losing ownership or posting to social media. It comes in a 3D printed gift box with a Raspberry Pi and hard drive. Event goers will connect to a local wifi connection, upload their photos in bulk, and see other people's uploads pop-up in real time. The best thing is, no one needs to sign-up for an account to a photo sharing app, it's free and open source, and you can download and own your photos after the event to share however you choose.

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