The idea behind Torrus

A project log for Torrus - One VR Controller to rule them all

Torrus adds interaction to your VR experiences. It contains a trackpad and a 9DOF IMU. Easily create extensions for Torrus !

Jules ThuillierJules Thuillier 09/13/2017 at 00:190 Comments

Why is Torrus coming to life ? We see more and more mobile controller out there, so why bother ? Torrus doesn't want to be "yet another VR controller", but "The VR controller". What's the difference I hear you say ?
All those controllers are very closed. They each have a different communication protocol that works only with certain plugin and a few smartphones. Should a game developer adapt to each of these devices ? No ! Should we have one device that works with everything ? Yes !
That's the objective of Torrus, and that's why we want it to be community based. Let's develop faster together and make Torrus more and more compatible. We believe in mobile VR and we know it is just missing good content and interaction. Let's solve the second and take care of the first right after :)