Kuman Arduino Robot SM2

Assemble and Program Kuman Arduino Robot SM2

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Couple of weeks ago I received this cool Arduino Robot Kit from the great folks at Kuman generously donated for the Visuino development.
In this project I will post the assembly steps for the Robot, how to connect the motors, servo, and sensors to the Arduino, and how to program the robot with Visuino.

The SM2 Arduino Robot KIT is Manufactured and distributed by Kiman .

They sent me the KIT so I can add support for it in Visuino  - a graphical development environment for Arduino.

I have already assembled the Robot, and now I am experimenting with programming it with Visuino .

Here I will post the assembly instructions, and the progress of adding support for it in Visuino and programming it for autonomous and remote control.

Here is the Unboxing Video:

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    Step 1: Install the Motors on the Chassis

    Installing the Motors on the Chassis:

  • 2
    Step 2: Install the Battery Box on the Chassis

    Installing the Battery Box on the Chassis:

  • 3
    Step 3: Install the Wheels, and Breadboard Shelf

    Installing the Wheels, and the Breadboard Shelf on the Chassis:

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