Log #5 - Another quick update

A project log for RPM9001 - Rapid Prototyping Machine

CNC machine with swapable tool heads for rapid prototyping, built as inexpensive as possible.

Raphael SchaafRaphael Schaaf 10/12/2017 at 07:180 Comments

Just a quick one to show the result of the latest test.

This time I tried to engrave a simple design into wood. Here's the result:

I <3 U

Please keep in mind that this is basically my first time using a mill.

The feed was set way to high, but I'm impressed that it didn't lose any steps.

Another thing that gets more and more clear as this project advances is that it needs some sort of auto Z calibration. For a decorative design like this it's no big deal if one side is 0.5mm higher than the other, but for technical parts or milling PCBs this makes a huge difference.

I know that Marlin has this feature, but it's used to calibrate on the entire working area, not just on the actual work pice. Estlcam would have this feature, but it's not working with CoreXY designs.

If anyone knows a solution for this please let me know :)