Open Battlefield Awareness

Bringing open source tracking to the paintball/airsoft/military recreation/or any sport's battlefield. Video game level interactivity!

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In a paintball game, it starts with so much confusion. Younger players are the first to panic. They have no idea where their teammates are, who is the enemy. They become overwhelmed. (I do too)

You can’t even see where your friends (squad) are at any one time, nor can you talk to them.
I hope to change all that. The Open Battlefield Awareness effort is to bring video-game-level player tracking to these sports.

The idea is to use a large network of wireless sensors and drones to give players a virtual map of the field, their friends/squad’s location, and opponent tracking. Viewable on screens, HUDs, or even AR.

- Droppable sensors can be placed in doorways and places of interest. Or entire play fields can house a grid of sensors that report movement and other factors with a resolution dependent on the density of the grid.

- Drones are used to do optical & heat sensing, tracking of players, and fun action videos. Also used to deploy sensors.

- Interactive/upgraded games.

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