Raspberry Pi based Tricorder

Developing a raspberry pi based general science instrument for small projects

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A portable raspberry pi based tricorder. Because of Star Trek and me likie backyard science...

Sensor node:
Ardusat Space Board

Microcomputer unit:
Camera modules - infragram from public labs
Raspberry Pi 3
Bunch of Adafruit stuff

So technical details about the sensors

Maybe some details about data analysis 

  • 3 × Ardusat Sensor Board
  • 2 × LightBlue Bean+
  • 2 × USB mouse
  • 2 × Raspberry Pi Power Source Adafruit
  • 2 × HDMI Monitor

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  • Bean sensor node

    Zack01/27/2018 at 00:22 0 comments

    Lets see if this might work.

  • photo concept version 2

    Zack01/26/2018 at 19:27 0 comments

    Bluetooth communication with raspberry pi...I will come back to that. I will focus on the Ardusat Bean+ part this weekend. I figure the sooner I can mess around with data the better.

  • Rethinking some basics

    Zack01/26/2018 at 19:19 0 comments

    If I use Space Board with a bluetooth based micro controller like Bean+ , I might be able to use more of the tutorials for guidance. This would allow for a scanning device separate from the main unit. 

  • Photo concept

    Zack01/26/2018 at 00:37 0 comments

    So basically...

  • Ardusat Space Board

    Zack01/26/2018 at 00:27 0 comments

    I am wondering if its better to use an arduino rather than the raspberry pi. Originally, I was thinking about ways to integrate sensor data from the space board with video from the raspberry pi camera module. 

  • Basic workstation

    Zack01/26/2018 at 00:18 0 comments

    Setting up a sweet Raspberry Pi workstation

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