Edge Avoiding arduino Robot

this project is how to build edge avoiding robot using arduino and ir sensor..

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hello guys...this is our project..
this project is how to build edge avoiding robot using arduino and ir sensor..

IR Sensors work by using a specific light sensor to detect a select light wavelength in the Infra-Red (IR) spectrum. By using an LED which produces light at the same wavelength as what the sensor is looking for, you can look at the intensity of the received light. When an object is close to the sensor, the light from the LED bounces off the object and into the light sensor. This results in a large jump in the intensity, which we already know can be detected using a threshold.


plz download the code...paste on your arduino...compile then upload..

ino - 1.13 kB - 09/15/2017 at 05:27


  • 1 × arduino uno
  • 1 × l293d motor driver
  • 2 × ir sensor
  • 1 × 9v battery
  • 1 × jumper wires

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    Ir Sensors Connection

    Ir Sensors Connectionso

    we have two ir sensors module...

    left ir sensor and right ir sensor which have

    vcc,gnd and op..

    vcc is connect to +5v

    gnd is connect to gnd

    op connect to pin of arduino

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    Circuit Diagram

    two ir sensors....

    so left ir sensor op means output pin connect to the.....9pin of arduino

    right ir sensor output pin connected to the....12pin of arduino

    two ir sensor's vcc............connect to +5v

    ang gnd ...connect to gnd

    so l293d motor driver:-

    8pin of arduino....connect to.....2pin of l293d

    7pin of arduino....connect to.....7pin of l293d

    4pin of arduino....connect to.....10pin of l293d

    3pin of arduino....connect to.....15pin of l293d

    vcc is connect to +5v

    and gnd is connect to gnd to the 9v battery...

    Circuit Diagram

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    If You Used As L293d Ic

    if you use l293d ic instead of l293d motor driver..

    even its will be easy for connection....

    l293d ic have 16pin... 1,8,9 and 16 pin connect to +5v. and 4,5,12,13 pin connect to gnd...

    input 1,2,3 and 4pin is connect to arduino pin..

    output is connect to left motor and right motor..

    input 1 and 2 is connect for left motor..

    and input 3 and 4 is connect for right motor..

    If You Used As L293d Ic

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