Chapter 3 - Adaptator X, Electronics

A project log for Adaptator X and the chamber of Pickle-Rick

Our project is to create a structure allowing to fix any type of cellphone on a microscope to observe samples with precision.

benoit.vanderzyppebenoit.vanderzyppe 09/15/2017 at 15:220 Comments

Once the basis of the Adaptator X was created, an electronic system was added to control the rise level of the horizontal bar holding the phone.

The main board was pierced, and a flexible camera tripod was fixed to it with screw and bolt.

An Arduino Leonardo card ( was programmed to control a perpetual servo-motor (

The code allowed the motor to be controlled by a joystick, the servo-motor direction was controlled as well as the rotation speed. 

The Arduino was linked to a joystick, the servo-motor and a battery.

The two strings were glued to the rotor of the servo-motor, and the motor was glued to the back of the main board.