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Make a 2 meter long drawer that swivels and fits between two of my roof support beams

ØysteinØystein 09/15/2017 at 23:420 Comments

"Storeinator? What a silly name to call a thing." You say. Yes, I do agree. But I like naming my projects ridiculous things. So that is the way it is going to be. I should maybe start to describe why I actually built it. I wanted a more efficient way to store my photo light stand in my storage room. My longest stand is 1.6 meters and my storage room is quit narrow. So I tough the best solution would be make it possible to used the roof to store them since it was not used. well, apart from doing what a roof is supposed to do that is.

I made a quick mock up in fusion 360 and went to my local makerspace bitraf to build it. After some hours I had made this:

What is not shown in this picture is that I have added a mounting bar with hinges on one side and a locking mechanism on the other side:

Here is a picture of the locking mechanism installed because its easier to understand how it works that way.

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