Smartphone / Tablet Control: just URLs, not an app

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Simple and rugged wifi connected hardware to make games more engaging and easier to manage. And shootable targets!

Minimum Effective DoseMinimum Effective Dose 08/21/2014 at 01:150 Comments

I have decided that in lieu of developing a custom app - which is overkill - managing the devices will, at launch, consist only of going to specific URLs to trigger specific routines on the connected devices. 

For example: going to (URL) with a specific authentication will cause all units to reset, or go into low-power-shutdown, etc.

This functionality is baked in to the Spark Core cloud.  Spark's Reference Documentation

There isn't any need for the management interface to do much more for basic functionality, so that will be all that is needed for now.

Essentially, it takes any kind of mobile app development out of scope but still allows any mobile device (or computer) to trigger important functions.