Quantity   Component name
4 × Spark Core microcontroller with wi-fi IoT microcontroller, open source
3 × Clear-top Polycarbonate Enclosure BUD Industries PN-1327-CMB
1 × 11 inch OD sonotube The structural basis of the Button Post
1 × PVC domed end cap to fit tube 12 inch unit, expensive. Looking for alternatives.
3 × "Arcade" style pushbuttons
1 × Piezo sensor, schottley diodes, zener diode, vibration sensor For sensing hits and vibration
3 × LED String For lighting up the enclosures from the inside
1 × RGB LED "Star" High brightness LED for the ceiling score display
3 × Laser-cut diffusive film to fit polycarbonate enclosures They go under the clear top cover
4 × Custom PCB Fortunately all hardware is made to use the same PCB.
3 × 11.1V lithium-polymer batteries For the portable units
3 × Chargers for lithium polymer cells
4 × Wall adapters for power