A project log for Suburu Forester Rooftop camper

The goal is to build a hard shelled sleeping unit for the roof of my suburu forester.

nullnull 01/24/2018 at 09:480 Comments

I  have made quite a bit of progress since the last log.

This is how I made the car cabin interface. There are a few things I would not do again if I could redo. But when it is complete I think I will be happy with it.

  1. Welded a square frame using steel angle and flat bar.
  2. Welded bolt flanges on the front and rear
  3. Cut steel angle  to make it flat on the ends so that it can sit on top of a square tube cross bar
  4. Painted
  5. Fitted the main frame to test fit the CCI
  6. Drilled holes in the flanges on the CCI
  7. Put shims under the flanges.
  8. Test fit the bolts
  9. Dis-assembled everything after writing down shim configuration.
  10. Siliconed bolt holes, shims and flanges
  11. covered the gaps on the side with sheet aluminum, siliconed and tex screwed down (Will probably change to rivets)
  12. Used expanding foam to re-enforce thin sheeting
  13. covered expanding foam in fibreglass body filler  (I would not do this again)
  14. Now Ive covered the fibreglass filler with normal filler and I am working at getting it smooth.