Quantity   Component name
12 × Steel bed frames Free from Co-op and can be found for cheap on Craigslist
24 × Composite deck balusters Purchased from Lowes. One box holds 14 pieces for $40/per box. (This was originally meant to save weight on the frame but it really wasn't worth it)
200 × 6"x6" mirrors (hand cut) I found 3 (3'x6') mirrors on Craigslist for $20ea. Will need to find more!
120 × 2 1/2", 1/4" 20 All Thread bolt These pass through the composite deck baluster and metal frame to attach Ball head mounts
200 × 1/4" 20 nuts Used to lock down Ball head mounts
200 × 1/4" lock washer Used to lock down Ball head mounts
80 × 1", 1/4" 20 bolt These pass through just the metal frame to attach Ball head mounts
200 × 1/4" 20 Nylock nut
2 × 1/4" cobalt drill bit You really need these to drill through the bedframes, it makes a world of difference compared to highspeed steel bits.
400 × 1/4" ID 5/8" OD Rubber bonded metal washers Often used to make a seal between the screw and corrugated roofing material
168 × 1/4" washers Needed because I used the Composite deck balusters
1 × GAST compressed air motor 1.8hp bought on ebay
1 × Permanent magnet Treadmill motor Found in old treadmill
1 × Treadmill tilt motor Found in old treadmill. May possibly be used to tilt frames to track the sun.
200 × Ball head mounts for camera tripod Found on ebay for $1.50ea (free shipping)