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Combination Tach, shift light, dual temp gauge, and warning indicators for air-cooled powered race car

w.brownew.browne 09/19/2017 at 16:000 Comments

Pictured is my development board, tape dispenser not included.  I know that everyone wants flashy color displays, but I chose the Nokia B&W display because it would be visible in intense sunlight.  The Arduino pro mini 3.3v is used to avoid the interface problems between the Arduino and the display, at least for development.  I don't think the 8Mhz clock speed will be an issue, but if it is I'll upgrade later.  The two trimmer resistors  (upper middle) are emulating the temperature sensors, and the two push buttons (to the right, almost behind the cable) will be for Mode and Select, to turn on and off functions and change display modes.  Other LED's and switches will be added as necessary for development.