V0.75B handlebar experiments, improvements, etc - 2016

A project log for Bellcycles: A New Take on the Bicycle

A front wheel drive, compact, modular bicycle that you build yourself.

Alex BellAlex Bell 09/19/2017 at 22:240 Comments

What if the handlebars were higher?

What if the handlebars were in front?

What if the handlebars were in back and in front at the same time?

There were other iterations. Most were bad. The longer the handlebars the more flexibility in the steering which makes steering the bike like pulling on strings. However, the handlebars in front was actually nice, so lets keep that going forward. 

Another change was that with the seat brazed onto the front of the cycle the weight was too far forward and the steering felt inaccurate. So I moved the seat inline with the handlebars on a bearing and fixed the rotation to the frame.