V1.10 Waterjet

A project log for Bellcycles: A New Take on the Bicycle

A front wheel drive, compact, modular bicycle that you build yourself.

Alex BellAlex Bell 09/27/2017 at 13:550 Comments

Version v1.0 showed me that the idea of the flat cut parts bolted together with tubes worked. But the process of cutting and drilling everything was not scalable. Enter the waterjet cutter. I went to and uploaded the parts. I also made a few changes to make the cycle simpler with fewer parts. I also added back in a connection to bring the handlebars under the seat as in earlier versions.

The waterjet parts were not perfect but much easier to work with then raw material. In further versions widening the diameter of the holes by a small amount gave enough clearance to make assembly simple. The parts do require holes drilled and tapped in some of the parts sides for the pinch bolts, but in a few hours a complete cycle is ready.