All About the Case.

A project log for Over-powered, Over-priced Electric Longboard

It's another Electric Longboard Project, except harder, more expensive, way too powerful, but just how I want it.

forrest.thelucasforrest.thelucas 09/20/2017 at 03:440 Comments

Here's a little more detail on the case. I've been designing the whole thing in Autodesk Inventor, and exporting parts to the appropriate program/ method for fabrication. Man, I'm so happy to grow up in an age where I have access to a 3d printer, laser cutter, mill, and 3d modeling software. 

The case consists of four major parts. 

Front and Rear Vents, Shell, Battery Sled, and ESC Sled.


The front and rear vents are where most of the interface with the board actually happen. Button in the front, plugs in the back. It also hold the board together: I've melted threadserts into the top and sides to mount to the board and shell.  These are also responsible for half of the board's aesthetics. It's not perfect, but it's a start. 


The shell is the protector from the ground, flying 25+ mph past it. Originally, I was going to 3d print the whole thing, but needed a material that was abrasive resistant, and could take a couple smacks. 3d prints like to catch, rip, and crack, if say, rough asphalt kissed the surface. I've designed it in Inventor Sheet Metal, and am planning to bend those 3/4" radii by hand... somehow. Right now it's mocked up with cardboard of a similar thickness. 


The battery sled has keep all those 18650s from floating around. Hot-Gluing heat-shrunk batteries to the curved desk didn't seem right to me, so I built this over-engineered battery sled. It allows for the batteries to be removed from the sled, leaves room for tabs when I weld them together, and mounts the BMS to the top to make the whole unit hot-swap-able. It too mounts to both the shell and the deck, to hopefully keep it all together. Or, fail harder.


Same idea as the battery sled, but for the ESCs. This is actually pretty unnecessary, but I really like the idea of a board just as beautiful inside as out. It keeps things tidy, and also adds to the mounting system.