MEGA BREAD Series Number 7 - Hank The HexaPod

Starting with input for GPS destination, airlift the HexaPod, drop off at location, target termination, and recovery by the same Hexacopter

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Starting with input from the Pilot/Navigator as to GPS location destination.
Next the Hexacopter launches from wherever it is and locks in on the Hexapod robot.
Using a simple string with a small ball on the end, it will hover over the robot, and lower the ball into a small round cup on the top of the hexapod.
When the latch is set, the Hexacopter will airlift the HexaPod, and drop off at said location, reversing the process.
We are building it for AirSoft target acquisition/termination.
Lasers will guide the sighting on the Hexapod and the Hexacopter, and recovery by the same Hexacopter will finish the operations project.

The Hexapod and the Quadcopter are planned to include CAMERAS CAMERAS CAMERAS, bluetooth Link, RF link, GPS navigation, Sonic distance sensors, Pressure switches in both the HexaPod feet and the Quad underbelly.

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