A project log for STUPID Computer

A 12-bit TTL-based Microprogrammed Computer

steve-tonerSteve Toner 05/28/2018 at 03:470 Comments

I added a new instruction, break, which halts the processor after incrementing the program counter.  The halt instruction does not increment the PC before halting, so it is not possible to continue (or single step forward) from a halt.  When debugging a program through the front panel, it is handy to be able to stop execution (to allow examination of registers or memory) but allow the program to be continued.

Uploaded the microcode.  I can't believe I didn't put this up before now.  Also uploaded rev 0 of the assembler and the Fibonacci number assembly language program, for those who are curious what a STUPID program looks like in assembly language.

I still need to update the schematics and upload the latest version...