Teardown and battery replacement in an old razor

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mcu_nerdmcu_nerd 06/05/2020 at 13:200 Comments

Okay, not exactly a creative repair but I still found it fun.  It's an old razor that was given to me by my grandfather (now deceased) quite some time ago.  It never held much of a charge so I decided to fix that.

Opening it up was fairly easy.  The problem is immediately obvious with corrosion spotted on a battery terminal.  The razor is very much built to a price. The motor is a cheap commodity chinesum motor and same for the battery. Strangely though, even though the PCB is single-sided they decided to spend the few extra cents on an FR4 PCB.

Since the battery was affixed to the PCB with some compound I decided to cut the leads and then desolder the leads.  I used a manual solder sucker and some pliers to remove the clinched leads which worked out fine (in no small part due to the slots not being plated.)  

I then proceeded to put the replacement battery in place and soldered that in.  I reassembled everything and charged the razor.  Works just fine (other than the motor acting up a little bit at times.)