Ford Stock Radio Unit Playback Control for iPhone

Keep the retro stereo. Bring your own tunes.
- CD Changer emulator
- AUX input
- Stock radio head unit music playback control for iPhone.

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Add AUX audio input to your older Ford vehicle using a Atmega328 (Arduino UNO) and use the stock radio head unit to control playback on your iPhone.

Also remotely lock/unlock your vehicle over Bluetooth Low Energy on iOS.

I created an Arduino shield that plugs directly into 1996-2007 era Ford vehicles' nav/audio system and uses the original radio head unit controls to manage music playback on iPhone.

I wrote more extensively on the making of this project in a POST HERE that includes animated GIFs to demonstrate the features of the project. 

I highly recommend skimming the post if you intend on making this for your own vehicle!

A demo video is available on YouTube here

I also wired up my vehicle key fob to the Arduino shield so that the vehicle may be locked and unlocked over Bluetooth Low Energy. This part of the project is compatible with any vehicle with a remote key fob. BLE control is working, but is an in progress project. 

The code, EAGLE PCB files, and BOM are available on GitHub at

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  • 1 × Arduino UNO
  • 1 × Max485 TTL to RS485 converter
  • 1 × Full BOM in project zip Resources/ folder Download project zip on GitHub to see full BOM (~20 parts, <$30)< body></$30)<>

  • 1
    Setup Arduino Shield

    Either hand wire board according to schematic/diagram on GitHub readme or print the EAGLE PCB project also on the Github repo .

  • 2
    Load Arduino Sketch on Arduino UNO shield compatible board.

    Open Ford_AUX_BLE_control.ino located in Sketch/Ford_AUX_BLE_control and upload to Arduino UNO.

    If you are using a non Atmega328 chip board, you may need to modify the switchPin variable and PORT constants in the Sketch files. You can read more about this at

  • 3
    Drill holes for the TRRS AUX audio jack and plug the kit into your Ford vehicle.

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p0zk7gtb wrote 12/09/2021 at 18:28 point

A lot of people have been complaining about the fact that, while they can plug in their iphone with a USB/Lightning cable and play music through the speakers in their cars, you cannot do so directly from your iPhone's iPod app. If you have a radio head unit that is able unlock Apple ID without password then you should to visit Mobitrix's official website in order to get fast solutions. Thank you!

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