EV PowerShield

PowerShield is a power electronics modules for the development of Power supply, EV motor , Battery Charger, Inverter, Induction Heater.

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PowerShields are modular power electronics subsytems and building blocks that will enable makers to develop High Power, Energy Efficient projects such as Power Inverter, Battery Charger, EV Motor Control, Induction Heater , High Power Power supply, Welding Machine. Programmable AC Source, DC Load. PowerShield Modules can be easily interface with Open source Hardware development such as Arduino, raspberry pi, launchPad.

PowerShield Modules under development:
1. Isolated Single and Haft Bridge IGBT/Mosfet Driver
- 60V, 96V , 250V, 450V, 1200V
- 200 kHZ Operating Frequency
2. 50A & 150A 96 - 600V Battery Disconnect and Programmable Current Electronic Fuse.
3. 50-100A 96-600V Half Bridge, 3 Phase Power Mosfet/IGBT Module Integrated Isolated Driver and Current sensor. For the development of EV BLDC/Induction Motor Driver, Induction heater and Inverter.
4. 1000W , 60V Electronic Load Module., Integrated Linear Mosfet, Current Sensor, Driver Amplifier .

Mosfet/IGBT Driver:

Rated Voltage up to 1200V 50A, IGBT Driver, Fully isolated interface with maximum operating frequency of 200kHZ.  Main application SPWM Power Inverter, Induction Heater,  High Power BLDC/Induction Motor Drives, and High Power DC-DC Converter EV Charger.

IGBT/Mosfet  Half Bridge Module:

Version Under development: 60V/50A Half Bridge, 60V/150A  3 Phase,  96V/50A Half Bridge, 96V/150A  3 Phase,  600V/50A  Half Bridge,

Integrated Isolated Gate Driver, Voltage/Current  Temperature Sensing.

Bi-Directional  Battery Disconnect Switch and E-Fuse

Version Under development: 60V/150A, 96V/150A  600V/50A .

Integrated Isolated Gate Driver, Voltage/Current  Temperature Sensing.

Electronic Load Battery Capacity Tester

Version Under development:  60V/50A,   192V/60A RS485 Daisy Chain.  600V/20A RS485 Daisy Chain.

60kW Induction Furnace.pdf

Application for 60kW Induction Furnace for Metal Recycling.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 30.53 kB - 09/24/2017 at 13:15


OpenEV EVCar Converter.pdf

OPen EV Car Conversion Kit Maximum Power: 54kW @ 400Vdc Battery Pack

Adobe Portable Document Format - 31.55 kB - 09/24/2017 at 12:54


OpenEV BigBike.pdf

OpenEV PowerShield BigBike Version 96V 3kW

Adobe Portable Document Format - 28.81 kB - 09/24/2017 at 12:30


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