First commit from initial work

A project log for Smart car radio

I reversed engineered the canbus screen in my Clio and created a bluetooth remote control to listen to webradios without touching my phone.

ManuManu 09/25/2017 at 21:040 Comments

I push my initial sketches for Arduino on my github page:

UpdateListDisplay.ino is the initial sketch to drive the canbus Renault display. It has a serial interpreter for commands. The displaySong() function gets the song title from the serial stream and displays it (scrolls text if more than 8 characters). I intend to use a bluetooth bee (spp bt module in xbee format) instead of the serial uart USB, but haven't tested it yet.

HID_rn42_dpad.ino takes inputs from the Renault steering wheel remote control, the C&K dpad and send it to the smartphone as key inputs.

I have to tidy up this code to keep the essential part (some stuff has to be removed), but as it is it is functional.