2$ pcbs and gerber merging

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I reversed engineered the canbus screen in my Clio and created a bluetooth remote control to listen to webradios without touching my phone.

ManuManu 10/18/2017 at 21:290 Comments

I'm evaluating the service. It's basically free : 2$ for 5 pcbs (100x100mm max). As I have 2 boards, the first one should be 2$ (for 5 pieces), but the 2nd one is 5$ (for 5 pieces). It isn't that much but the 2 boards combined are less than the 100x100mm authorized surface. I also wanted to try the GerberPanelizer.exe software discussed on the hackaday blog:

So I took the gerbers from EasyEDA from the can and the remote boards and merged them on a single 100x100mm pcb. Here is the resulting image with 2 canbus and 2 remote control boards panelized:

Here are 10 canbus and 10 remote control pcbs for 2$...