To my surprise the computer actually posted just fine after hooking it up to the monitor and everything was great after I installed windows. I then wanted to overclock the ram to 3000mHz so to do that I would need update the motherboard bios to a newer version that supported more memory sticks. I decided to use MSI live update so I wouldn't have to bother formatting a usb stick and allow MSI live update to download the new bios and install it. Something went wrong during the process and after looking at some forums I wasn't the only one who ran into issues using MSI live update. After the update the computer wouldn't post anymore so into troubleshooting mode I went.

  • Restart a couple of times
  • Check all cable connections
  • Try different HDMI Cable
  • Check power outlet
  • Reset CMOS
  • Install only one stick of RAM
  • Remove graphics card
  • Remove SSD and HDD
  • Remove Water Cooler
  • Check CPU Pins
  • Remove previous thermal paste and reapply
  • Use different monitor

None of the above worked so I decided that I really did corrupt the bios trying to update it. I removed all the parts from the system and returned the motherboard back to Amazon. Good thing Amazon accepted the return and I got a different motherboard with a nice white scheme to it to match the rest of my build. I installed the new motherboard and connected all the parts back to it again and it booted up just fine. I took a usb stick this time and updated the bios without any problems and went on my merry way. I am currently trying to get a stable overclock on the memory and CPU.