The general idea...

A project log for Furious Tooth Fairy - Door Unlock

This is a small pcb with ATMega328p and BlueTooth HC-05

stefan-xpStefan-Xp 01/28/2015 at 20:261 Comment

In general my Idea was to use a BT Master Module (Tried with EGBT-045MS (as i assumed)..)

I thought it would report identificable BT Devices. Somehow it nearly doesn't respond anymore if i set it to Mastermode and Inquire.

After Getting the BT ID, i would check if the RSSI is over a certain threshold and enable a Button to unlock the door... But first i have to find an other BT Master module or get it running ...


davedarko wrote 01/28/2015 at 23:43 point

There were some automatic garage door openers with bluetooth headsets on hackaday once... that was cool too :)

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