Update 3/1

A project log for 3D Scanning utilizing Photogrammetry

A senior research project to create a 3D scanner utilizing multiple raspberry pi camera modules

eric-linkEric Link 03/01/2018 at 13:040 Comments

This month has been exciting for the project. I was able to laser cut, 3D print, and construct the shell of the project. With the shell completed, I have foregone permanent mounting options for tape and glue to make a proof of concept. I have successfully scanned my first object and discovered many issues. I will have to make sure that the part does not move on the rotating table. Currently, the stepper motor is using single-coil stepping leading to a rather jagged movement, which causes the part to shift slightly after each movement. This scan clearly demonstrated that by showing the movement and creating a 2 dimensional image. I also had issues with the background. Heeding the warning of one of my comments, I held a piece of white paper behind the object to eliminate variations there. But, the paper did not appear completely white and led to some variation. The software thought it was part of the scan and incorporated it into the hodgepodge of the file. 

Noting these issues I conducted a second scan. This is where the real problems began. Autodesk ReCap Photo, the software that completes the photo to stl conversion, will not take the pictures. After conducting research, it appears it may be considering my pictures to have been taken by a fish-eye lens. Upon uploading my photos, it will upload, scan, and then hit a fatal error. By looking at forums, I am not sure how to proceed. I may look into not having any background/one that is stationary, not held by myself. I will also look into changing the focal length on the pi camera. Finally, I think I will paint the rotating table white so as to remove the variations in the plywood that may lead the software to think it is an object to be scanned. 

But, overall, I am happy with the progress made. I have not started implementing a second pi and camera to provide a new angle until I have successfully received a decent scan from the first camera-pi set.