Update 4/3

A project log for 3D Scanning utilizing Photogrammetry

A senior research project to create a 3D scanner utilizing multiple raspberry pi camera modules

eric-linkEric Link 04/03/2018 at 13:141 Comment

This month got very busy and with snow and spring break mixed in, left not a lot of time to work on the project. But, I was able to fix some of the issues. Looking into the stepper motor and adafruit control board, I was able to switch the stepper motor from single coil stepping to micro stepping to which I believe is 16x. This change has allowed for a much smoother turn and prevents objects from jumping / shifting when it is moving. I have also 3D printed some components that allow for a more polished look. I will be continuing that process through the next month.

As far as getting Autodesk ReCap Photo to work, I have still been unsuccessful with the scan. It continues to reject the photo set and not attempt to create a mesh of the pictures. I think I will try taking pictures with a camera and upload to the software to make sure it is truly an issue with the photo resolution/aspect ratio of the phone and not the software.

After working through the camera idea, I will have a better idea about how to approach the next steps. If it is the raspberry pi that is creating the issue, I may have to work with using a different camera, maybe a webcam. Either way, I am moving in the right direction hardware wise, but the software is the bottleneck right now. 


RunnerPack wrote 04/03/2018 at 14:21 point

I'm not sure about ReCap itself, but most photogrammetry packages assume the subject is stationary and the camera is moving around it. This provides a better set of surface features to align with, since the lighting of the object doesn't change (which is also why a matte finish is better than gloss). It likely also makes it easier to distinguish between the object and the background, since the background changes dramatically. You might want to redesign your tool to move the camera tower around a fixed subject, being careful not to cast shadows onto the subject.

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