6/1 - Update

A project log for 3D Scanning utilizing Photogrammetry

A senior research project to create a 3D scanner utilizing multiple raspberry pi camera modules

eric-linkEric Link 05/31/2018 at 01:280 Comments

This month led to the completion of the second iteration of the project. This model utilized a camera rotating about a fixed object. This method led to the creation of various models. But, the shortcomings were there is very nearly no robotic aspect to the project as it currently stands. I believe that a quick upgrade would be to introduce a raspberry pi with an IMU, a small display screen, and a remote shutter to create an autonomous solution once a predefined angle has been travelled.

After completing the second iteration and creating completed scans, I returned to working on the original design. I really want to make that design work as the footprint, shadows, exposure, and focal length work so much better with that design. I looked at a couple of designs online, and found that they were able to create scans when they whitewashed the background so as to eliminate any other background cues than those on the object being rotated. But, I still found no luck with this. The software continued to not find cues and reject the scan.

Some ideas I have are to look into manually placing the camera images. With the automated rotation, if it was possible to input camera locations, with the white washed background, I think the software would be able to create the scan. This is something I will have to do more exploration into but my initial research did fund any simple way to do this.

The school year is ending and this project will be put on a second burner for a month or so but I hope to continue working on it once July rolls around.