Update 12/4/17

A project log for 3D Scanning utilizing Photogrammetry

A senior research project to create a 3D scanner utilizing multiple raspberry pi camera modules

eric-linkEric Link 12/04/2017 at 13:530 Comments

This month I have been busy working on acquiring components and beginning the process of integration of the parts. The CAD model is in a state where it will need mounting holes but not much more edits before fabrication can begin. As far as programming, I have identified Adafruit components and learning sources to begin forming a plan of attack for my programming. I plan to have two raspberry pi zeros taking pictures and sourcing the photos to one of the pi's. A future addition, if time permits, may include connecting to the pi via bluetooth or wifi to send pictures directly to a computer. The immediate plan is to work on wiring the electronics and creating the software. I have changed this plan from the fabrication as I want to make sure that I know all of the space constraints prior to fabrication. I acknowledge the comment on working with a blank background and I think that will be a good idea, not yet implemented in my CAD, but definitely will work. I believe Remake will not require a grid background and will not make the move to that until closer to the end of this project.