Raspberry Pi Solar Plotter

Measuring solar intensity with a raspberry pi outputting to website and graphing data.

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This is primarily an introduction for me to figure out how to work with circuits/hardware. I have a stronger background in web development.I honestly don't know what I'm doing hardware wise. This is the first time I've interfaced digital with analog eg. using an ADC.I dream of making it public and getting data from all over the world but I've got to work on the web API more.You can see daily data here:http://raspisolarplotter.comTech details:Client side:Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3USB WiFi DonglePython requestPanel: 5V 100mAADC: MCP3008StackLAMP (Debian, Apache, MySQL, PHP)Currently measuring across 7 parallel 330ohm 1/4 watt resistors.

Currently there is no public API to upload data. I'm still working on making headless screenshots of graphs as well.

  • Reminiscing: collected lots of data

    Jacob David C Cunningham03/01/2022 at 04:40 0 comments

    This has been running for almost 4 years lol... the position has changed a couple of times and that's primarily a problem with regard to the season/capturing the highest arc/intensity of the sun on the graphs. I used to have some really nice ones.

    It's still up, collecting data, sometimes there are down times like power loss.

    Also I built an anemometer a while back... this collects even more data. The one above is every 10 minutes everyday/when sun is up.

    The anemometer does batch collections of minutely of every second... and it tracks it locally on a text file in case it fails to upload... yeah there's more than 10 million rows of data now, just millwatts power generated per day lol.

    This uses plastic spoons now because the above made out of paper plates did fail eventually/get moldy from the rain.

    Also the hot-glued ruler above did not last long. I had to mount the DC motor to a flexing-flag-pole thing and then attach it to a chair.

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