ELLO 3M Computer

The successor of ELLO 2M

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The ELLO 3M 'TROLL' is a new project in which I have tried to implement some new ideas and to fix some errors from the 2M.

The hardware is still in early stage and I am debugging it at the moment. The entire concept is new - smaller, cheaper, thinner (now 3.9mm!!), and now includes tactile keyboard as well.

3M is built around ESP32 as main processor. It uses FT813 as graphics, and the electronic prototyping space from 2M is moved on an external plug-in board which can now be directly accessed from the processor as well. The plug-in space may host other type of boards as well.

There is also a side expansion connector, as well as dedicated audio/video, USB, and audio/charger combined one.

There is only one microSD card, but also optional SPI RAM on board.

The screen is 4.3" 800x480 with capacitive touch.

I am thinking about a more modern programming environment as well. Still will be a shell similar to the 8-bit machines, but this time a better language

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James Hall wrote 08/02/2018 at 17:44 point

Would it be possible to find a supplier for a laptop style low profile keyboard that can easily be interfaced?

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Justin Davis wrote 06/22/2018 at 14:52 point

Is there a problem with the 2M keyboard?  Is it uncomfortable/difficult to use?  It seems like a simpler solution than many tactile buttons.

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