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A project log for Lacrosse Impact Alert Helmet

Modifying a lacrosse helmet to alert the sideline trainer if a player's head received a large impact and should be checked for a concussion.

Eddie RollEddie Roll 04/12/2018 at 02:450 Comments

The construction and prototyping aspect of my project is nearing a close, as I have finished everything except for 3D printing the encasings for the electronic materials. I have been CADing these encasings using Fusion 360, and plan on using a softer - almost rubber like 3D printing filament that is able to absorb the impact of a hit and be less likely to break when inserted into the helmet, thus preserving the sensors, battery, and micro controller. The Cascade S helmet arrived, and batteries and chargers so I do not need to wait on anything else to arrive. With all the programming done, all I need to do is finish the inserts, then set my threshold impact level, and test the helmet in the lab.