Web Update 4 - 6/5/18

A project log for Lacrosse Impact Alert Helmet

Modifying a lacrosse helmet to alert the sideline trainer if a player's head received a large impact and should be checked for a concussion.

Eddie RollEddie Roll 06/05/2018 at 13:230 Comments

This will be the final web update for this year-long project. The time since the last update has been spent trying to complete the CAD and then assembly of all of the parts of the project. While the actual accelerometer inserts did get accomplished and completed, I was not able to test the helmet completely. This was due to the back attachment that houses both the battery and microcontroller. After working at it, and making many adjustments I have gotten to the point of being able to hook it into the back vents of the helmet, with the attachment matching the contour of the helmet so that screws can then be put through the bottom of the attachment and screwed into the helmet. Unfortunately, I was still attempting to create a good way to house the battery and micro-controller themselves, however I am happy with the proof of concept that it is possible to use accelerometers within a helmet to try to monitor large impact hits to the head and relay the information to the sidelines.