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A project log for Lacrosse Impact Alert Helmet

Modifying a lacrosse helmet to alert the sideline trainer if a player's head received a large impact and should be checked for a concussion.

Eddie RollEddie Roll 11/08/2017 at 14:020 Comments

Up until this point I have been researching the concussion problem, other projects similar to mine, and most importantly which components I should use for my project. I decided to use a Cascade S because it is the most up to date helmet from cascade, which is the most widely used lacrosse helmet brand. I have also decided to use a Ni-Mh battery instead of a lithium battery because it should be more stable under impact. I have also been able to find an adafruit micro-controller and IMU/linear accelerometer that  should work well together and be able get an accurate reading of the impact force and then relay it though Bluetooth to the sidelines.