oculus rift + visual land phantom media player?

i have an oculus rift and i have a visual land phantom 4.3 inch screen touch media player. and i've downloaded the oculus rift software...

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i wold like to make the oculus rift software that i've d/l work with my visual land phantom media player, after i place the media player into the oculus facemask (the part that holds the smartphones) and i'm trying to find a way to hack the phantom media player to make it run the oculus rift software.

I want to use this apparatus with thee youtube 3d videos that i've d/l.

could you please help me?

thank you very much.

9/29/30 - added jpg's of the hardware that i'm talking about. i'm at a loss of how to get the oculus software to run in this visual land phantom media, llet alone how to get the oculus software installed into this phantom media player?

these are jpg's of the oculus rift and the visual land phantom media player i'm talking about in this project, so you guys will know what i mean.

JPEG Image - 39.74 kB - 09/30/2017 at 00:19


JPEG Image - 23.26 kB - 09/30/2017 at 00:17


  • 1 × oculus rift mask
  • 1 × visual land phamtom media player

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