The testbed!

A project log for Motion Capture system that you can build yourself

An open hardware-software framework based on inertial sensors that anyone can use to build a human motion capture system.

Bruno LaurencichBruno Laurencich 09/07/2018 at 08:470 Comments

One particularity on the development of this project is the amount of units needed on every prototype. Everytime we what to test something new we have to build around 15 sensing units (K-Ceptors). Anyone who has tried hand soldering SMD components know how easy is to get it wrong. So we are proud to introduce our new assistant in the lab: The testbed!

It allows us to troubleshoot the boards as soon as we take them out of the oven, saving us incredible amounts of time (and tears).

We would really like to thank Sparkfun Electronics for the inspiration they gave us by publishing their production process, and showing (amoung many other things) how they test their widgets with a pogobed.