Hands on the second physical prototype

A project log for Motion Capture system that you can build yourself

An open hardware-software framework based on inertial sensors that anyone can use to build a human motion capture system.

Bruno LaurencichBruno Laurencich 11/09/2017 at 18:220 Comments

I finally have all the parts to start building a second and more complete version of the system. The PCBs, stencil, and components were already arrived some time ago, but the solder paste kept me waiting for a long time, if you want to hear the whole story, please refer to The solder paste odyssey.

If everything goes right I should be able to build at least twelve of the sensor nodes, and arrange my first whole-body capturing suit.

The problem: apart from the general refactoring that I’m performing on the code, I will have to implement the lecture of the LSM9DS1 instead of the LSM9DS0 from the previous board. Fortunately sparkfun offers a library for arduino, which can be easily adapted to this system

The real problem: home soldering 12 of these units with their tiny LGA packages, represents 12 one-shot opportunities... of getting it wrong.

The article linked below also shows some of the cutting-edge equipment with which I’ll shoot these twelve shots.