Solder once, Beepout Twice

A project log for PIMP (Personal Information Manager & Pager)

A small MCU based PIM with Pager functionallity

woodworkerWooDWorkeR 11/16/2017 at 17:071 Comment

Thought Experiment: You solder a very tiny connector to an breakoutboard to try beep out the thing you connected to that connector. You find a few connections but for Farad sake you can not find others.

You totally must have broken some connections on the disassemly of that board, so you buy a few more components. Would you also check your Connector on that breakout board if that has all the connections you think, beep out all 28 Pins?

I did all this without checking the soldered connector. So i found all the missing connection for the Diodes where on PINs that where not really soldered on the Connector Breakout. I checked then with thin wire direct on the FlexPCB connector and there where all my missing connections.

I present you the Blackberry Q10 Keyboard Backlight Pinout :D

The resistor on this circuit seem to be in the ballpark of 1 Ohm. I tested the LEDs with 3V and they seem to like this voltage, 2.5 is minimum but also very dim

Things i learned: 


davedarko wrote 11/16/2017 at 17:13 point

nailed it :)

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