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A project log for Night vision camera raspberry pi

A night vision camera built with a raspberry pi zero w, night vision camera plus a 3.2" screen

facelessloserfacelessloser 10/14/2017 at 15:280 Comments

So I've picked out a enclosure and buttons and a few other bits I will need for my project, They are on the slow boat from china. While I'm waiting I've been brainstorming about how I'm going to get the photos/videos off the camera . I was just saving the photos/video to the sd card but I can't access that physically once the project is complete. I came up with the idea of having a tiny (in physical size) usb drive sticking out with the USB panel mount. 

I've changed my code and added a hard coded usb flash drive so it will first try and save the photo/video to the flash drive then if it cant find it it will save it to the sd card. The reason for the hard coding is i cant find a way to look up what ever drive I have installed then save to it, So I'm being lazy.

The code is up on the github I've linked to in the post