Sending Information Through Eye Movement

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BlinkToText is an open source, free, and easy to use software program that converts eye blinks to text.

Swaleh OwaisSwaleh Owais 10/05/2017 at 03:020 Comments

Almost all paralyzed people are able to move their eyes and blink. I want the software to detect pupil movement. A person can only blink their eyes, but they can move their pupils left, right, up, and down. People could transmit more information with less effort through pupil movement.

Jason Becker came up with a convenient eye chart that helps people communicates words through eye movement. When using the chart, Jason moves his eye to the top left, top, top right, bottom left, bottom, bottom right corner of his eye. This action signals which group of letters he wants to pick. He then moves his eye up, down, left, or right to pick a specific letter. To communicate, Jason needs someone to read his eye movements and decode his message. A video of Jason using this system can be seen at the link below.

This process can be automated. Using a computer vision algorithm, a webcam can track his eye movements. Ideally, this system will be non invasive. A camera will not need to be mounted to a person’s head. A person should be able to communicate their eye movement by looking at a laptop that is a reasonable distance away. A coefficient can be assigned to each letter depending upon the likelihood of the letter being selected. This coefficent can vary depending on the word being spelt.

[1, Figure 1: Eye Chart used in David Becker System]


[1]  G. Becker. Vocal Eyes Becker Communication System. 2012. Available: