Sound Effects and Customization

A project log for BlinkToText

BlinkToText is an open source, free, and easy to use software program that converts eye blinks to text.

Swaleh OwaisSwaleh Owais 10/16/2017 at 05:150 Comments

I have made two major updates to the software.

Whenever the software recognizes a blink, it emits a beep sound effect. The beep sound effect let's a user know that their blink has been detected.

The software has a customization feature. BlinkToText is built around blink detection because almost all people with severe paralysis retain that ability. If a paralyzed person can conduct other body movements as well, the software should take advantage of that. With the customization feature, users can set certain actions as hot keys. If the program detects a certain body movement, it will automatically do the preset function. Currently, the software can detect three additional actions besides blinking.

Users can use these body movements to trigger any of the button functions. Additionally, users can use any of these body actions instead of blinking, with the Same as Blink Option.

Everyone’s disability is different. Ideally, every disabled person would have a custom made solution for their problems. Unfortunately, this option is outside of the financial constraints of many families. BlinkToText offers a partially customizable system that works for most people.

[Figure 1: Customizing BlinkToText]