This board is ideal if you are mounting a 3D printer and **you do not want to complicate your life**.

It is the natural evolution of the Arduino Mega + RAMPS 1.4 SB. A solution with all the **integrated components**.

With this plate you’ll save having to buy the Arduino Mega 2560, plus 1.4 RAMPS, and having to connect a pair of drivers for step by step motors.

### With OVM20 you have everything in one board

For the Marlin firmware, the board is a RAMPS 1.4. The pins and connectors coincide precisely, and are 100% compatible

Download the Marlin, and select the plate

    # define BOARD_RAMPS_14_EFB

It’s the setup that comes by default.

With this you can configure the Marlin as if it was a RAMPS 1.4 with an extruder, a layer fan, and a warm bed.

[Staticboards]( philosophy is to select the **quality components**. That’s why both the power connectors and the transistors are **branded**.

Selected to withstand hours of continuous printing, without having to worry that the connectors melt, burn, and have an accident.

This product will solve many problems if you are thinking of setting up a printer from scratch.

Or in case in which your old electronics have been burned, and you’re looking for a definitive solution.


* Design 100% compatible with **Arduino Mega 2560 + RAMPS 1.4**
* 100% compatible with **Marlin** firmware versions
* Based on the **Atmega 2560** mcu
* Compatible with **all available LCD** screens for 1.4 RAMPS
* **Molex** power connectors, designed to withstand the necessary current
* Support for **1 extruder**
* Support for **1 hot bed**
* MOSFETs transistors rated for **120A**
* **Ultra-low resistance MOSFETs** (barely heated after hours of use)
* Additional MOSFET for **layer fan** (controlled by Marlin)
* 2 additional connectors for **extruder fan** and for **extra fan**
* 4 x DRV8825 **integrated drivers** for bipolar stepper motors
* Special design to **improve the heat dissipation** of the drivers in the plate
* **Double connector for the Z-axis motor** (not need to solder additional connectors)
* **1 single turn potentiometer** *(easier to calibrate)*
* Manufactured in **4 copper layers**
* **Branded Linear Voltage Regulator**
* General filtering capacitor with **820uF**
* Connector for **two thermistors**, with additional 10uF capacitor filtering
* Includes the popular **CH340g** chip to connect the USB serial port
* **Micro usb connector** for easy access
* Side **reset button** (does not protrude from the board)
* Quartz clock *(Best Precision at 16Mhz)*
* **Protection flyback diodes** in hot bed, extruder and hood fan
* Supports maximum **12V input voltage**
* It includes **black anodized aluminum heat sinks**
* Black design with **blue LEDs**

[Download the schematics](

### Dimensions for the OVm20 Lite

##Frequently Asked Questions

###Why is it called OVM20?

OVM20 comes from the [Galician]( expression *Otra vaca no millo* (somehow similar to *That if you want rice, Catherine*)

The reason I put in the 20 comes from long time ago, I designed a similar plate, which has served as inspiration for this version.

###Does it include heatsinks for the drivers?

Yes, the board has black anodized aluminum heat sinks

###How many micro steps do the drivers have?

To simplify the design, the drivers are configured for 32 micro stepping.

###I have a new version of Marlin. Will I work with the OVM2o?

Definitely. The OVM20 is the same as a RAMPS 1.4

###Can I connect an additional fan?

The board has two 12V outputs for additional fans (or whatever you need).

###What are auxiliary pins for?

There is a 6-pin block that is used to program the atmega2560 the first time. It is what is called ICSP, and if you are a hacker, you can use it for many things.

The other block has UART communication, which you can use to connect in remote (I do not know if it would work with a Bluetooth,...

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