No Nonsense!

A project log for CarbOnBal

Arduino based carburetor and throttle body balancer / synchronizer

dennisdennis 02/02/2018 at 21:150 Comments

I managed to simplify CarbOnBal Basic even further.

Testing with the I2C interface board taught me this isn't the way I wanted to go. There are too many variants and they are all different. You lose out on adjustable contrast and backlight. Yuck. It also means you might have to piddle around with the software and I want CarbOnBal to be easy, you know, "doable". So I redesigned it from the ground up with NO NONSENSE!

This means its now just a battery, switch,  buttons, a display and four sensors topped off with only three little gizmo's (or discrete components, for purists). Oh yes, and lots of wires. I hope you like spaghetti!

Check out the schematic I just uploaded. It looks a LOT simpler right? I drew the components manually so they would be easy to recognize and wire up, even for first time builders.

I have a working copy of the modified software and I'll upload it "real soon now" ;-)

I started modifying the description and instructions but kackaday threw most of my edits out! Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

Photos and video will follow the software upload so stay tuned!