Hörmann Garage Door Remote Hack

Hörmann is the brand of the garage door and they have extra remotes but they are, to be fair, a bit pricey for my taste.

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We moved into our house more than five years ago. One big plus when we decided to buy the house was the big, year-round-warm, garage with its motorized garage door. The luxury of not having to step outside of the car to open the door to the garage was a sweet feeling each time we pressed the remote-control button. After some years had passed that sweet feeling was not as prominent as it once was. The distance of the signal, or lack thereof, was starting to annoy me since I had to wait for the doors to open. I wanted to just roll into the garage without a second of idling outside. I mean, the extra wear and tear of using the brakes and rev-ing the engine has a major impact on the family budget! I had to do something about it.

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