Unlike other years, we decided that rather than assemble all of the badges, we would instead make stencils and encourage people to assemble their badges *at the show*.  We really hoped to teach folks and encourage them to try something they might not otherwise try to do.  

We'd partnered with OSH Stencils to build a stencil for the boards and likewise, designed some 1" x 1" stencils for the most commonly used components from EAGLE (including parts from the amazing Adafruit, Sparkfun, SeeedStudio and other libraries).  Thus every badge also included 50x (seemingly random) stencils that cover the parts folks are using most.

We brought a Pu Hui reflow oven (small, desktop reflow with good temperature control).  These are awesome and run < $200 on EBAY & a few Aoyue Hakko knockoff irons (Any questions, feel free to reach out.)  

This stencil set was based on the most frequently parts from the EAGLE libraries and 3rd party parts libraries.  We built 1"x1" stencils of each and provided the set of the top 50 to attendees of the OSHWA conference.  The set was curated a bit to ensure we didnt just provide super basic stencils but instead focused on things that actually added value to users.