Hello everyone, the software I introduced below is the edited version of Space Huhn. Due to legal and commercial reasons, SpaceHuhn has deliberately made esp8266 operation not really effective (it will stop the attack after some time, no matter how you try to install it).

I have edited so that it can work forever. You can flash this software yourself into any ESP8266.

Binary firmware: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cDfP07N577CsoRp7a8APEcQpuzTNZXJe

ESP8266Flasher: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KJuO50Rj24S6u4lzOjRXvPJoLb5hL2nH

(You can control it with your phone, no need to install the monitor + buttons. Or you can press the "Flash" button to deauth all.)

However you can support "Space Huhn" by purchasing the official "deauther". You can get one of these cool boards that are made especially for this project and come with everything preinstalled - Like what I have edited. 




What it is and how it works

This software allows you to perform a deauth attack with an ESP8266 against selected networks. The ESP8266 is a cheap and easy to use Wi-Fi SoC (System-on-a-Chip), programmable with the Arduino IDE. With this software flashed onto it, you can select a target network and start different attacks. The deauth attack will, if the connection is vulnerable, disconnect the devices from the network. Because the attack is running constantly, the devices will be disconnected again and again. Depending on the network, that can either block a connection or slow it down.

How to use it

First start your ESP8266 by plugging it in and giving it power.Scan for Wi-Fi networks and connect to pwned . The password is deauther - Once connected, you can open up your browser and go to 

You can now scan for networks...

web_screenshot_1.JPGscan for client devices... 

Note: While scanning the ESP8266 will shut down its access point, so you may have to go to your settings and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network manually!

...and start different attacks.

More on that on my other project