YABATMan - Yet Another Bitcoin ATM (man)

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I love Bitcoins, I love hacks, so why not build a Bitcoin ATM?

This Bitcoin ATM is based on an actual ATM (NCR).
Buying an ATM is actually quite easy (at least in the UK) and you can get one on eBay !

After a wee roadtrip across the Scottish countryside we got a hand on the ATM -fully loaded with the 200kg vault-.

So after a few weeks, I’ve managed to turn a rather dull and uninteresting ATM into a fully functionnal Bitcoin ATM.
I must admit this is a work in progress ; the cash is not safely stored...

How it basically works: you put cash into the ATM and get a fancy receipt with your freshly generated private/public keys. The receipt enables allows you with your private key to claim your Bitcoin. Fairly easy.

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George wrote 05/10/2015 at 18:53 point

Looks nice.

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